Further experiments with the telescope…

Saturday morning, the sun was shining and I had a morning pass, so I went to Lakenheath Fen, and took the telescope with the little Fuji X100 stuck on the end. Blimey – it’s hard work! The focal length is equivalent to around 1,000mm, the depth of field is tiny, and I reckon only about 1/20 of the images were sharp. Practice makes perfect and I have a lot of practising to do, but to be honest it’s a LOT of faffing about and a great way to spoil a good walk – I’m not sure if it’ll be a long-lived hobby…

Sedge warbler @ ~20m


Greylag goose (and mosquitos!) @ ~25m


Coot @ ~20m


Greylags @ ~20m


Kingfisher @ ~100m


Marsh harrier @ ~200m!


More greylag & goslings @ ~25m

goslings-3 goslings-2 goslings-1

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